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Analysis of the development situation of CNC precision parts processing industry

Apr 29 , 2021

Affected by the downturn in the market, the situation in the CNC precision parts processing industry is not optimistic. The overall sales of enterprises have dropped, liquidity is in a hurry, and some enterprises may even be eliminated due to unreasonable business methods and single product structure. Therefore, from the perspective of the sustainable development of construction machinery accessory enterprises, it is necessary to speed up structural adjustment and technological upgrading, solve the problem of product homogeneity as soon as possible, realize the differentiated development of enterprises, and build enterprise strength with professionalism; at the same time, keep up with CNC precision parts. The industry development trend of components, focusing on energy saving, emission reduction, and green environmental protection, to adjust the industrial structure, explore the energy-saving technology of parts, realize one machine with multiple functions, and realize the energy-saving of the whole machine through technical optimization of parts, and help construction machinery with excellent quality Realize the dream of becoming a powerful nation as soon as possible. With an output value of hundreds of billions in the construction machinery parts market, if this market is to become stronger and larger, stricter policies, industry norms, and enterprise self-discipline are needed. Judging from the past history of the basic precision parts processing industry such as fasteners, a regular phenomenon can be found, that is, whenever there is a boom in the market, product saturation will inevitably occur, by macro-control and compression, and then another round. In short supply, manufacturers once again increased their production capacity, and their products became saturated again. This is the case again and again, and the fastener industry has been in this way for the past 20 years.

The core precision parts of the construction machinery industry need to be imported, and the overcapacity of basic parts such as fasteners and the surge of raw materials will also come to the head of the basic parts industry such as fasteners. The production capacity mentioned by everyone mainly refers to the restrictive development of ordinary standard parts (below 8.8 fasteners). At present, the manufacturers of construction machinery parts are still busy with each other, and they are competing with each other. Although there are matching precision parts for traditional models, such as loaders and bulldozers, they have a competitive advantage by using their own scale and marketing methods. However, imported precision parts are commonly used in pavers and concrete machinery. In addition, they have been used for many years. Assimilation and innovation based on imported technology. Path dependence has arisen; there is still a certain position in some large-scale products, high-intelligence grade products and emerging professional products.

Our country's engineering machinery precision parts processing industry has always been characterized by the reluctance of large enterprises and the inability of small enterprises. In order to solve the backward situation of precision parts, we should start to increase the research and development of precision parts. Regarding the core technology of key precision parts, the speed of industrialization through independent research and development is too slow, and mergers and acquisitions are carried out when foreign companies are in recession. It would be a faster way. CNC precision parts are the foundation, support and restriction bottleneck of the development of construction machinery products. When the development reaches a certain stage, the industry's high-tech research mainly focuses on key components such as engines, hydraulics, transmission and control technology. Master the field of construction machinery, only if the production of key parts is solved, the company will have core competitiveness. It shows that my country's construction machinery industry is still highly dependent on foreign sources.

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