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Aluminum extrusion process

Jan 05 , 2021

Many customers are unfamiliar with the concept of aluminum extrusion. Simply put, industrial aluminum profiles are materials extruded from aluminum through an extruder according to a die. Whether it is European standard aluminum profile, national standard aluminum profile, or custom-made profiles, all are made by aluminum extrusion. In order to better introduce you to extruded aluminum profiles, let’s learn about aluminum extrusion together. Compression molding process?

Aluminum extrusion

1: Choose high-quality raw materials: aluminum rods are made by melting and casting aluminum ingots, which are called industrial aluminum profile raw materials; and the raw materials will directly affect the performance of industrial aluminum profile products.


2: Temperature control heating aluminum rod: Too high or too low temperature will directly affect the hardness of the final product, so the temperature must be strictly controlled during the heating and cooling process;


3: Design profile mold: The mold is designed according to the demand with high-precision specifications, used to extrude the profile products of the required specifications and cross-section;


4: Extrusion of industrial aluminum profiles: The current standard of extruder used for 6063-T5 industrial aluminum profiles is 1300-1600 tons, which can meet the normal production of 6063-T5 series industrial aluminum profiles.


5: Profile straightening correction: After the industrial aluminum profile is extruded, there will be a certain deviation, and the straightening machine should be used for straightening correction after forming.


6: Artificial aging: Generally speaking, aluminum profiles produced by extrusion must undergo aging to increase their strength.

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