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Classification of blanking welding process in sheet metal processing

Feb 19 , 2021
In sheet metal processing, there are many ways in the process of blanking, but in general, the common ones are:

Shearing machine: It is to use a shearing machine to cut the material, its accuracy is relatively low, so it can only process strips and fast materials, but it can only be without holes and corners.

Punch: It is the use of a punch to cut the material, which can be punched into various shapes, so it can be used in mass production, but the disadvantage is that the mold must be designed.

NC CNC blanking: blanking is done by numerical control, but the program must be written before it can proceed, and the machining accuracy is not high.

Laser blanking: blanking is carried out by laser cutting, which can be cut into various complex shapes, but the cost is relatively high.

There are generally three types of welding in sheet metal processing, namely fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing.

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