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Industrial aluminum profile applications

Jun 03 , 2021

Global aluminum profile production and sales. From the perspective of production capacity distribution, in 2009, there were about 95 countries and regions that could produce aluminum profiles in the world, and there were about 2,200 manufacturers. Among them, my country's production capacity accounted for more than 50% of the world's total production capacity. Forward.

With the global economic growth and the continuous expansion of the use of aluminum profiles, the global consumption of aluminum profiles increased from about 8.69 million tons in 2001 to about 15.5 million tons in 2009, with a compound annual growth rate of about 7.5%. It is estimated that in 2012, the global consumption of aluminum profiles will reach approximately 16.69 million tons.

From a regional perspective, consumption in major regions around the world showed different trends from 2001 to 2009. The proportion of consumption in my country rose rapidly, while Europe and North America showed a downward trend. As of 2009, my country's consumption accounted for 47% of global consumption, while Europe, North America and Japan accounted for only 21%, 8%, and 6% respectively. my country has developed into a major consumer of aluminum profiles.

In the industrial field, at present, my country's industrial aluminum profiles account for about 30% of the total aluminum profile applications, which are mainly used in the transportation industry (including automobile manufacturing, rail transit), equipment and mechanical equipment manufacturing, and durable consumer goods (including light industry). ), etc., respectively, accounting for about 10%, 10% and 12% of my country's aluminum profile applications. In the same period, in the consumption structure of aluminum profiles in Europe, North America and Japan, the proportion of industrial consumption reached 60%, 55% and 40% respectively, which is much higher than that of my country. The difference in consumption structure reflects the inadequacy of my country's aluminum profile production, development and application in the industrial field, and also indicates that my country's industrial aluminum profile consumption has huge room for growth.

It is expected that in the next 5-10 years, the consumption of industrial aluminum profiles in my country will continue to grow, and the proportion of aluminum profile products will rise from about 30% at present to about 45-50% in 2015. According to the relevant plans of the Chinese government, in the next 10 years, industrial materials will account for nearly 70% of the total application volume of aluminum profiles.

More importantly, the development of industrial aluminum profiles can win huge economic benefits and social value for enterprises. At present, the production and sales costs of building profiles are relatively transparent, and the added value of products is not high, while industrial profiles can increase the profit margin of enterprises by at least 20% to 30%. In addition, because of its low carbon and environmental protection in the production process, it is in line with the national mission of energy saving and emission reduction and lightweight development of the aluminum profile industry.

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