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Principles and Application Features of CNC Machining Technology

Mar 03 , 2021

1 Principle:

CNC machining technology refers to a process method for processing parts on CNC machine tools. The application of CNC machining technology can be divided into two parts: software and hardware. Software mainly refers to the computer system and program coding used in numerical control technology. Under this system, according to the requirements of the design dimensions, materials and other elements of the processed components, before the mechanized processing, the program coding is first written, and then the mechanical automatic processing and production are started under the coding program. The hardware is mainly index-controlled machine tools and auxiliary facilities. CNC machine tools are the basis for the realization of CNC machining technology. Different from the characteristics of traditional machine tools that require manual control of the production process, various types of sensors of CNC machine tools can be used as the input and output parts of the parameters, which is conducive to the formation of flexible automation program.

2 Application features:

With the continuous development and popularization of CNC machining technology, CNC machining technology has begun to show application characteristics such as automation, centralization, and flexibility. First of all, the highly automated features of CNC machining technology make it have better performance. It not only improves production efficiency and quality, but also saves human resources. Secondly, the centralized production method of CNC machining technology greatly shortens the manufacturing time. At the same time, the technology shortens the interval between various procedures and centralizes the production procedures, which solves the space problem and saves space. Land resources, in a relatively small plant, can still achieve centralized mass production. Finally, the flexibility of CNC machining technology, to a certain extent, has solved the current contradictions. Workers' proficiency in traditional processing methods and the application range of machine tools lead to insufficient flexibility of the production line, which usually requires large-scale production of individual products to amortize costs and improve traditional processing methods. The intelligentization of CNC machining solves the contradiction between scale and flexibility to a certain extent, has certain advantages, and conforms to the needs of the development of the times.

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