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Selection Skills of Cutting Fluid in CNC Machining of Aluminum Alloy Parts

Mar 26 , 2021

Generally, CNC machine tools are equipped with a common chip cooling system, and a central cooling system is optional when the processing requirements are high. The cutting fluid required by ordinary chip flushing can be selected with low pressure and large flow parameters to promptly remove the cutting heat and remove the chips attached to the workpiece, guard plate, and fixture. Generally, the pressure parameter of ordinary flushing chip cooling is 0.04~0.06MPa.

Regarding the flow of cutting fluid, it is not that the larger the flow, the better, but the smaller the better when the working conditions are met, in order to reduce the total cost. In order to facilitate heat dissipation and supply sufficient cutting fluid, the capacity of the water tank should be 3 to 5 times the flow rate of the system cooling pump.

Therefore, the choice of cutting fluid for aluminum alloy processing is very important, not only to ensure good lubricity and rust resistance, but also to have very good cooling and filtering properties. Try to choose a special aluminum alloy cutting fluid. Because special aluminum alloy cutting fluids generally contain special aluminum inhibitors, which can ensure that the surface of the workpiece is not damaged during processing. Aluminum alloy cutting fluid can be used, which has good anti-oxidation protection on the surface of aluminum alloy, and has excellent lubricity and extreme pressure. It is suitable for various processing techniques of aluminum alloy, including turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. , Reaming, blind hole/through hole tapping, etc.

Mirdan-tech is an enterprise engaged in CNC machining of aluminum alloy parts for a long time. During many years of processing and production, it is deeply aware that the selection and use of cutting fluids play a vital role in the processing of aluminum alloy parts. Therefore, it is recommended that the CNC machining manufacturers of aluminum alloy parts choose the cutting fluid and the method of use reasonably according to the specific material, processing conditions, quality requirements and other factors of the workpiece.

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