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Several popular application industries of 3D printing

Jan 22 , 2021
Many industries have benefited from 3D printing technology, from the medical field to aerospace manufacturing, from selective laser sintering to direct metal laser sintering, 3D printers provide the ultimate solution for many production needs and requirements. Next, let us take a look at several major industries that benefit from 3D printing technology, understand how they can do this with 3D printers, and see if we can find inspiration from them and help your manufacturing.

1. Automobile industry
Thanks to the new design freedom, with the help of 3D modeling, engineers can look inside the part and make adjustments as needed. For example, adding a lattice structure to make parts lighter. Manufacturing technology makes production no longer a limitation of parts that meet industrial requirements. For example, in reality, 3D technology is used to reconstruct the classic XKSS model in 1957, the 3D printing tools and spare parts of Volkswagen Group, and Ford's full-function 3D printing brakes.

2. Fashion industry
The impression of the fashion industry is innovative, alternative, and abstract, but fashion is also a pioneer in the application of 3D printers. Designers want to create amazing jewelry, which can be easily achieved with a 3D printer. Large companies like Adidas or Nike have also discovered the advantages of 3D printers. First of all, 3D scanning can perfectly match the shoes with the user, providing unprecedented walking comfort. 3D printing enables designers to create new structures for shoes, especially for the production of soles, to provide their customers with the ultimate comfort of wearing shoes.

3. Aerospace industry
3D printing technology can flexibly adjust the interior of mechanical parts. For example, instead of producing completely filled parts, the interior of the parts is printed into a grid structure. This can reduce the weight of parts and reduce production costs. Of course, another advantage of using 3D printers in aerospace is accuracy. 3D printers provide engineers with highly accurate parts, which are essential for the safety of passengers and cargo.

4, The dental industry
The medical field has been using 3D printers, such as the 3D printing of skin tissues or organs that we mentioned before. Dentists use 3D printing technology to obtain images of the patient's jaw, and can also generate 3D printed braces, orthotics, implants, dentures and crowns. 3D printers are beneficial in the dental industry because they can be customized on a large scale and can even quickly produce products that meet our needs. By 3D scanning the patient's jaw, the software can accurately design the required content and fit perfectly, and then the 3D printer will immediately generate the part, which is made of biological or human safe materials to ensure the health and safety of the patient.

5. Construction industry
From building models to producing actual houses, architecture is definitely one of the pioneers in the application of 3D printers. For example, some large developers have been using 3D printers to create house models so that customers can better understand the space they are about to buy. It also allows buyers to see their lives in the apartment and ensures that they decide to buy an apartment. 3D printed bridge, it is sturdy and durable, can withstand a lot of pressure, and even good automation can achieve immediate production, which will be cheaper in many cases.

6. Education industry
Students use 3D modeling software courses, generate educational models, and explore additive manufacturing through prototyping full-featured projects. They can test their ideas in a few days and spend less time perfecting the concept and implementing it as a final product. Combining curious minds with this cutting-edge technology will have great potential. Now some universities also offer a course in 3D printing technology.

The use of 3D printing technology brings many benefits to our lives, from improving the lightweight structure of mechanical parts to reducing the use of materials to reduce production costs. From mechanical engineering to fashion design, 3D printing has already exerted its advantages in our offices, production lines and even in space. I believe that in the near future, 3D printing technology will bring more help to your manufacturing.

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