Rapid Prototyping Service

The Benefits of Prototyping and Rapid Prototyping

Apr 23 , 2021

Prototyping is a direct way to simulate user experience. A clickable prototype can not only be used to test product features, but also save participants’ time and lower resource consumption. One famous case study shows that prototype design can help to avoid around 25% bugs in product with its strict examination on product logic. Besides, prototype design also ensures the utility of visual design, making the latter complied with user experience fundamentally.

Prototyping saves time and money and is a process that occurs in many industries, from software design to automobile manufacturing. You build a prototype as early in the design process as possible so you can examine it and get feedback from others while you are still thinking of ways to make it better.

Rapid Prototyping can ensures the logic fluency of designers;helps product managers to promote their ideas through a fluent demonstration;improve the project competence of designers by quick modification and iteration. Whether you are product / project managers or UX / UI designers, rapid prototyping is the best choice for you.

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