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The development of modern rapid tooling.

Mar 19 , 2021

The traditional method of using forgings or profiles to obtain molds through mechanical processing has a long design and processing cycle and high production costs. Especially for molds with complex shapes or internal cavities, forging and processing are difficult, and even the development of modern industry cannot be realized. , The requirements for mold technology are getting higher and higher. Looking at modern mold technology, it is developing in the following directions:

(1) The accuracy requirements of high-precision modern molds are at least one order of magnitude higher than the accuracy of traditional molds;

(2) Long life The life of modern molds is twice as long as that of traditional molds, such as modern molds, which can reach more than 10,000 times, and up to 100 million times;

(3) High productivity. Due to the use of advanced molds such as multi-station progressive molds, multi-function molds, multi-cavity injection molds and laminated injection molds, productivity can be greatly improved, resulting in significant economic benefits such as the use of four-station Injection molds produce plastic soda bottles, which can produce more than 10,000 pieces per hour;

(4) Complex structure. With the diversification and individualization of social needs and the wide application of many new materials and new processes, the requirements for the structure and cavity of modern molds are becoming more and more complex. If traditional mold manufacturing methods are used, not only The cost is high, the productivity is low, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality requirements of the mold. 2 The design and manufacturing technology of traditional molds cannot meet the requirements of the market for molds. Therefore, for a long time, the rapid and flexible production of low-cost, long-life molds that meet the requirements of use has become an urgent problem for the mold manufacturing industry to solve, that is, the application of technology. In mold manufacturing, a brand-new mold manufacturing technology is formed-based on rapid mold manufacturing and easy to remember technology, which is becoming a new research hotspot of technology.

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