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Matters needing attention during processing

Dec 30 , 2020

1) When the margin on the top surface of the workpiece is too large, when using a large knife to manually remove the margin, remember not to deepen the gong.

2) The most important thing for processing is the first tool, because if you operate and check carefully, you can know whether the tool length compensation, tool radius compensation, program, speed, etc. are wrong, so as to avoid damage to the workpiece, tool and machine tool.

3) Try to cut the program in the following way:

a) The height of the first point is the highest elevation of 100mm, use your eyes to feel whether it is correct;

b) Control "Quick Shift" to 25% and feed to 0%;

c) When the tool approaches (about 10mm) the machined surface, stop the machine;

d) Check whether the remaining stroke and program are correct;

e) After turning on again, place one hand on the pause switch, ready to stop at any time, and control the feed speed with the other hand;

f) When the tool is very close to the workpiece surface, it can stop again, and the remaining stroke of the Z axis must be checked.

g) After the cutting line along and processing stability, then transferred back to the normal state of the control.

4) After entering the program name, program name on a pen copied back to the screen, and then check with the program list, when you open the program, pay attention to check whether the tool radius size of the program and the program is complying, and signed on the program in a single processing member

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