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Precautions before processing

Dec 29 , 2020

1) For the new mold, the processing drawing must meet the requirements and the data must be clear; the processing drawing of the new mold must have the signature of the supervisor, and the columns of the processing drawing have been filled in.

2) The workpiece has the qualified mark of the quality department

3) After receiving the program sheet, check whether the reference position of the workpiece is consistent with the reference position

4) look at every request on a single program, make sure the program is consistent with the requirements of the drawings, if there are questions, problems must be solved together with the programmer and the production team.

5) According to the material and size of the workpiece, judge the rationality of the programmer's choice of tool for roughing or smoothing. If the tool is found to be unreasonable, the programmer should be notified immediately to make corresponding changes to improve the processing efficiency and workpiece processing accuracy.

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